Nail Forte


Put Away that Nail Polish Remover!

Apply NAILFORTE directly on nails, nail polish, and even gel!

Protective Dark Bottle

Keeps the Formula Effective Until the Last Drop

Vitamin E Eases the Way

Foot fungus is resilient. You spend months using topical ointments and medicines, only to have the fungus return. Our formula uses Vitamin E to solve the problem for good! It carries antifungal ingredients deeper into the infected area to dispel fungus from within.

Easy to Use

No need for bandaids, bandages, or even drying time with NAILFORTE’s foot fungus nail repair! Please note that it may take the hands 3 months and the feet 6 months to be completely free from foot fungus. See the toe fungus treatment to its completion––at least 28 days––so the fungus never returns! Simply:

  • Clean and dry nails thoroughly
  • Before use, shake the bottle well
  • Using the glass pipette, apply 2 dops of the formula directly to infected area
  • Repeat process twice a day
  • File affected nails weekly to help the formula better penetrate them
  • For larger areas, spread the formula using a q-tip
  • Watch your nails go from infected to fabulous!

Healing Jojoba

Anti-inflammatory, antifungal, and antibacterial, jojoba helps prevent nail fungus from spreading. It also conditions the skin, allowing rejuvenating antioxidants to go to the heart of the infection.

Crucial Castor Seed Oil

Undecylenic ocid in castor seed oil helps fight infection, while the nail strengthener oil nourishes with fatty acids. Plus, it combats foot and nail dryness by retaining moisture.

Treat Fungus Naturally with Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil fights foot and nail fungus thanks to its antifungal and antiseptic properties. Fast, safe, and effective, tea tree oil in this toe nail fungus nail treatment ensures the toenail fungus never returns!


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